The ASEAN-OSHNET (ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network) has its origin in the ILO Programme for the Improvement of Working Condition and Environment (PIACT), which was launched in 1976. At an ILO seminar held in 1984 for the ASEAN countries, it was recommended to establish a regional center to collect and disseminate information with in ASEAN and to manage research and training for the improvement of working condition and environment 

      The idea to develop a project network in improving condition was agreed by the First ASEAN Labour Technical Working Group Meeting held in October 1984 inManila, and then proposal was approved by The 5th ASEAN Labor Minister Meeting held in Manila at the same time.

      In 1995, the ASEAN Secretariat obtained UNDP funding of conduct a feasibility study to establish an ASEAN Training Center/network for Improvement of Working Condition and Environment. The feasibility study was conducted in 1996, and workshop to review the feasibility study was convened in Manila in October 1996. The workshop attended by headed of NationalOSHCenter and national experts from seven ASEAN member countries, agreed to the following five recommendations:

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